Recent project that reached the daylight is my own made synthesizer Mopho Synth for famous Native Instruments product Reaktor.

Now testing beta version, improving sound architecture and searching for sound designers to build few presets for this babe. Demo sounds will be available soon.


for using this synth you will need NI Reaktor 5 of free Reaktor 5 Player

Reaktor is a graphical modular software music studio of proprietary license developed by Native Instruments. It lets musicians and engineers design and build their own instruments, samplers, effects and sound design tools. It is supplied with many ready-to-use instruments and effects, from emulations of classic synthesizers to futuristic sound design tools.

From the end-user standpoint, Reaktor is a sound creation/manipulation tool with a modular interface. Its patches consist of modules, connected by lines to provide a visual interpretation of signal flow. The building blocks used give Reaktor users freedom of choice to help shape their sound design. The modules are categorized into particular hierarchy to aid clarity in patching.

The patcher window allows one to navigate the inner structure of user’s models. Many factory-shipped objects within Reaktor can be accessed and edited, and new objects can be generated on the fly. Each of the Reaktor modules is defined by its inner workings, and expansion thereof to the users’ specification comes with relative ease.


The objects that are available within Reaktor range from simple math operators to large sound modules. Implementation of Core Technology with version 5 enables user to view and edit the structure of any “Core Module” building block. Although such editing can be an exceptionally powerful tool[6], successful manipulation of Core Cells with predictable results requires in-depth knowledge of algorithmic implementation of signal generation and processing. Native Instruments promote this functionality with online side-by-side comparison of Core implementation of simple DSP algorithm against C++ pseudocode. Reaktor enables a user to implement variables (static or dynamic) which are used as defining properties of the patch. Users have an ability to generate a GUI of their own to provide dynamic control to their systems. Starting with version 5, Reaktor supports user-generated graphical content, enabling many users to generate original look and feel of their instruments.

A finished Reaktor ensemble may be loaded into a host sequencer (such as Steinberg Cubase or Ableton Live), and used as a stand-alone software plug-in for audio generation or processing (a multi-format proprietary loader is included with the software). The GUI generated by the end user becomes the only editable portion of the patch, and each of parameters represented is capable of MIDI automation.

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