New Iz. Ozone 5!

Ozone 5’s powerful new Meter Bridge provides a full suite of customizable audio analysis tools. Visually monitor your mix throughout the entire mastering process, whether you’re making adjustments, troubleshooting problematic mixes, or comparing your mixes to reference tracks. As a bonus, the Meter Bridge serves as an enlightening educational device for anyone hoping to learn more about the art of mastering.

Building on essential visualizations from Ozone’s individual modules, the Meter Bridge includes an exciting array of new metering tools in a convenient, resizeable, and configurable window.

Have you ever wished you could use just one of your favorite Ozone modules on a track or bus? With Ozone 5 Advanced’s new component plug-ins, now you can. And thanks to Ozone 5’s new per-module presets, you can easily create and edit presets within just the component you need. However, when you want the convenience and audio quality of Ozone’s routing and crossover network, it’s simple to open presets from Ozone Advanced component plug-ins within Ozone Advanced itself.

Mid/Side processing has been a trade secret of many mastering engineers for years. Ozone makes this powerful approach to processing audio more accessible than ever before. With Mid/Side mode enabled, Ozone converts the stereo information coming into the plug-in into mid and side signals, letting you work independently with the center of the stereo image or the edges. The result? You can surgically EQ the mud out of hard-panned guitars while preserving the vocal and kick drum in the center of your mix. You can add excitation or maybe a touch of room ambience to just the edges, and much more.

Ozone’s Equalizer, Post Equalizer, Harmonic Exciter, Dynamics and Reverb modules all incorporate Mid/Side modes. Color coding allows you to easily see mid and side settings superimposed. Ozone’s meters can also be used in Mid/Side mode.

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