Face OSC

FaceOSC is a tool for prototyping face-based interaction. It’s built on non-commercial open source FaceTracker code from Jason Saragih.

FaceOSC comes as an example app with the ofxFaceTracker addon for openFrameworks. You can download an OSX 10.5+ binary at https://github.com/

OSCulator is an excellent program for routing OSC and MIDI. Download it at osculator.net/​

Some of the “face gestures” (or metrics) are more stable than others. Lighting can also have a huge influence on the stability of your values: even lighting from the front coupled with a dark background can give the best results.

FaceOSC from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

FaceOSC JAM2 and Ableton from Jonathan Hammond on Vimeo.

More at: http://kylemcdonald.net/
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