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New collaboration with Belgium music label Banshee Worx, Bonzai-music start.

Fri, June 1, 2007 5:15:25 PM, dxginger first tracks release with Banshee Worx labels group

Bonzai Records is by many considered a legendary label with classic releases during it’s, what we like to call the old generation period, such as ‘Yves Deruyter – Calling Earth’, ‘Cherrymoon Trax – The House of House’ and ‘Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth’ just to name a few. Many well respected producers started their history at Bonzai back in those days like Sharam Jey, Dj Tiësto and Dave Davis aka JD Davis while already established names like Insider, Marco Bailey and Felix Da Housecat decided to join the Bonzai posse with specific projects. One of the main objectives of Bonzai has always been to give local talent a chance to evolve into something bigger, over the whole old generation era many youngsters did just that, Yves Deruyter from the real early years to Mike aka Push and Airwave at the end of that period. The end of all this sweetness, the forced closure of Lightning Records in 2003, was set in motion mainly because of the collapse of the elektronik dance market, a drastic decrease in vinyl sales and a 75% downfall in sales of the cd compilation market.
Within a few months after the closure, Fly and Marnik gave birth to a new baby named ‘Banshee Worx’ with in their trail the true believers Yves Deruyter, Airwave and Dj Fire.

Yves DeruyterAirwaveDj Fire

From then on everything was open to the new entity, a new businessmodel was created with a focus on the digital market, a new sound was introduced and before unexplored areas of the elektronik dance market were scouted and penetrated. Today’s New Generation Bonzai Sound has said farewell to the hardstyle, jump and tralala sing-a-long trance tunes. A more defined approach has resulted in todays mature sound
for the advanced clubbers out there.
Ranging from Progressive Minimal, Tech House, Progressive House, Deep Trance to the more intelligent Chill, Ambient and Lounge it’s needless to say this is the New Generation Bonzai at it’s best. With the remains of the old posse taking the lead in today’s clubbing sound lot’s of new faces signed up such as Miika Kuisma, Rogerio Martins, Joost Glazenburg, Uriel, Kevin Vega, Eddie Sender, Nick Murray, Ferry Tayle, Manuel Le Saux,
George Vemag, Ville Lope, Chris.M
and many others. These youngsters are in a non stop evolutionary loop ensuring Bonzai and it’s sublabels to bring the best releases on the market to all little tree worshippers out there.

The Bonzai Music/Banshee Worx flagship now controls well over 20 labels in full ownership and will by the end of the year distribute close to 100 labels on thedigital market worldwide.

The Bonzai Progressive Kult Events (bookable by any club or event organisation) will be ruled by residents Fly, Airwave & Kevin Vega inviting guest deejays from around the world.

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