Simple side-chaining (ducking) in FLStudio

I was asked to write short tutorial about side-chaining for FL Studio users at Side-chaining uses the dynamic level of another input to control the compression level of the signal. In music production it’s main use serves to maintain a loud bass track, while still keeping the bass out of the way of the drums when the drums hit. Side-chaining is also used by disc jockeys to lower the music volume automatically when they speak (known as ducking).
You can easily have a lot of control over it with a frequency-specific compressor or simply by placing a filter before the compressor. This feeds a high-pass /low-pass filtered copy of the original signal into the side-chain input of the compressor so that volume reduction on the original signal only takes place when a specific frequency reaches a set volume threshold. There is many ways using side-chaining philosophy, use your imagination.

We will use: Fruity Peak Controller, Fruity Balance, Wasp (as a sound generator) and an FL Sampler with the Kick Drum sample.
Step 1 – Insert a Kick Drum sample into an FL Sampler and add Wasp synth.

I made long bass notes in Wasp by selecting a good bass preset and increasing the AMP’s decay (DEC) and sustain (SUS). You can try this preset:

Step 2 – Make a pattern: The Kick on beats 1,2,3,4, and the bass playing in one long note.

Step 3 – Route the Kick Drum to FX channel 3 and add the effect called “Fruity Peak Controller” to that FX channel.

Step 4 – Do the same again with the Wasp bass synth but route it to FX channel 4 and add the effect “Fruity Balance”.
Step 5 – Now select the “Fruity Balance” plugin. Right click on the ‘Volume’ knob. At the menu select “Link to controller…” and click on the ‘Internal controller’ drop-down menu and choose “Peak Control (Insert 3) – Peak”

At the ‘Mapping formula’section press the drop-down menu button and select ‘Inverted’. This reverses the direction of the signal.
The final result should be like this:

Step 6 – Fine-tune the Peak Controller. You can copy the preset we ended up with below for now. The ‘Mute’ LED should also be turned off.

This will be our side-chaining controller. You can adjust it how you like it.
Step 7 – Press PLAY and you should hear Bass altering with the kick drum. When the kick drum is playing the bass sound should drop in volume for till the kick stops playing. When kick is not playing, the bass is upfront.
This is basics to side chaining. There are a lot of ways to do this effect and there are many ways you can use it. Good luck.

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